Wessex Deanery Map

Foundation Programme (FP)

Wessex Foundation School is part of Health Education England Wessex.

Popularity, lowest entry score and size of the foundation school can be seen below.

Specialised/Academic Foundation Programme (SFP/AFP)

Wessex Academic Foundation Programme is managed by Health Education England Wessex.

F1 year is a standard clinical programme and F2 year includes a 4 month academic block. There are a number of different fields such as medical education and research based at a variety of sites.

Vacancies, applications and competition ratios can be seen below.

Hospitals in Wessex Foundation School

Jersey General Hospital is treated as part of Wessex Foundation School despite being officially managed by the Government of Jersey and not the NHS.

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Dorset County Hospital

Jersey General Hospital

Lymington New Forest Hospital

Poole General Hospital

Queen Alexandra Hospital – Portsmouth

Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Salisbury District Hospital

Southampton General Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital

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