Peninsula Deanery Map

Foundation Programme (FP)

Peninsula Foundation School is part of Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education which in turn is part of Health Education England.

Popularity, lowest entry score and size of the foundation school can be seen below.

Specialised/Academic Foundation Programme (SFP/AFP)

For AFP recruitment, Peninsula Foundation School and Severn Foundation School act as one unit of application jointly known as ‘South West’. 

Peninsula Foundation School Academic Foundation Programme is managed by Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education.

There are a mix of medical education, leadership and management and research posts across several hospitals. 

F1 year is standard with three, 4 month rotations. F2 year has two, 6 month rotations with one of these rotations guaranteed to be in acute medicine. Academic time varies with some occurring within the week and others occurring as separate weeks depending on the post.

Vacancies, applications and competition ratios can be seen below.

Hospitals in Peninsula Foundation School

Derriford Hospital

North Devon District Hospital

Royal Cornwall Hospital

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Torbay Hospital

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