Oxford (Thames Valley) Deanery Map

Foundation Programme (FP)

Oxford (Thames Valley) Foundation School is part of Health Education England Thames Valley

In Oxford (Thames Valley), applicants apply to different trusts during the group preferencing stage before the programme preferencing stage. Applicants will then be placed in this trust for their F1 year. The specific job allocations and F2 location year are determined during the programme preferencing stage. Very few posts have both years in one trust. 

Popularity, lowest entry score and size of the foundation school can be seen below.

Specialised/Academic Foundation Programme (SFP/AFP)

The Academic Foundation Programme in Oxford (Thames Valley) is managed by Health Education England Thames Valley and the University of Oxford. 

During F1, AFP doctors will have one day a week of academic protected time during one of their rotations (three rotations, 4-months each). 

During F2, arrangements vary but some AFP doctors may have one 4 month block dedicated to academic work. Others may have specific arrangements depending on the post. 

FP doctors who have already been accepted to Oxford (Thames Valley) can internally apply for a standalone F2 post

AFP doctors in Oxford (Thames Valley) also have other benefits such as access to funding for research and conferences, training in research methods and opportunities to present their work.

Hospitals in Oxford (Thames Valley) Foundation School

Frimley Health Foundation Trust manages both Wexham Park Hospital and Frimley Park Hospital but only Wexham Park Hospital is part of Oxford (Thames Valley) deanery.

Churchill Hospital

Horton General Hospital

John Radcliffe Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Royal Berkshire Hospital

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Wexham Park Hospital

Wycombe Hospital

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