Foundation Programme Rotation Ratings and Reviews

The Unofficial Guide to the Foundation Programme is the only resources where all the information relevant to you as an applicant is in one place.

Three times when the guides can help you

Find out where each foundation school ranks with trainee reviews for overall satisfaction, being a supportive environment and teamwork in the rotations along with other key areas. 

The guides provide up-to-date competition ratios to show how popular each foundation school is. 

Yearly lowest entry scores for each foundation school so you can rank foundation schools in the right order for you.

The number of posts available in each foundation school is given. Alongside the free map, the guides are an excellent resource to choose a school that suits you.

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Some foundation schools have sub-areas such as Scotland, Yorkshire and Humber, and others. 

For these foundation schools, all of the same detailed information about competition ratios, lowest entry scores and sizes is available. 

Hospitals are separated by sub-area to allow you to know where you could work.

Trainee ratings for rotations and jobs are also separated by sub-area so you can see if a speciality you want to work in is ranked higher in one of the sub-areas.

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All jobs, rotations and specialities in the country are ranked based on trainee data from the General Medical Council (GMC). These rankings allow you to prioritise what you want from a job when choosing your rotations.

The jobs rankings allow you to make sense of trainee ratings in a meaningful way.

The guides show hospital regulator ratings to let you see how well hospitals are performing when you have to rank locations.

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