Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (EBH) Deanery Map

Foundation Programme (FP)

Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (EBH) Foundation School is part of Health Education East of England. This foundation school was first created in 2017. 

Popularity, lowest entry score and size of the foundation school can be seen below.

Specialised/Academic Foundation Programme (SFP/AFP)

EBH does not have a separate Academic Foundation Programme but it is shared with East Anglia. Instead, an application is made to ‘East of England’ managed by Health Education East of England. Three areas exist in the East of England: Cambridge; Norfolk and Norwich; and East of England Education.

Cambridge: F1 year in either East Anglia or EBH. F2 year in Addenbrookes (Cambridge) with a 4 month research block. 

Norfolk and Norwich: F1 and F2 years in East Anglia exclusively at Norfolk and Norwich Universities Hospitals. 

East of England Education: F1 and F2 in same deanery but either East Anglia or EBH. F2 year includes education component.

Vacancies, applications and competition ratios for the programmes since 2014 can be seen in these graphs. Please note that East of England Education recruitment is not reported by the UKFPO and EBH recruitment is reported separately. 

Hospitals in Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (EBH) Foundation School

Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Royal Papworth Hospital accept Foundation Trainees from both East Anglia and Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire foundation schools.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire)

Basildon University Hospital

Bedford Hospital

Broomfield Hospital

Lister Hospital

Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Princess Alexandra Hospital – Harlow

Royal Papworth Hospital (Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire)

Southend Hospital

Watford General Hospital

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