02.04.2022 – Significant overhaul of all site content including providing free to access databases for hospital ratings, job ratings and rework of the home page.

25.08.2021 – Fixed a bug where some people would try to download ‘Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Foundation Programme’ and would download ‘Chapter 0 – Example Foundation School Guide’ instead.

22.08.2021 – Updated UKFP Map main map to include merger of North West London and North Central and East London. Updated all guides with 2021 trainee reviews and merged the North West London and North Central and East London Guides.

07.05.2021 – UKFP Map no longer endorsed by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) following a mutual agreement. All mention of endorsement has been removed from the home page and the about page. Added comment on home page to refer to UKFPO website for further information.

30.04.2021 – Disabled access to ‘Annual Rankings’ pages and ‘Summary of Proposed UKFPO Changes’ page.

26.04.2021 – Updates to map for accuracy. LNR: added Queen’s Hospital Burton on Trent (LNR), Scotland – East: removed Murray Royal Hospital, Scotland – South East: removed duplicate of St John’s Hospital and removed Queen Margaret Hospital, Scotland – West: added New Stobhill Hospital and Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Trent: renamed Nottingham City Hospital and Nottingham City Hospital – Queen’s Medical Centre for clarity, Wales: removed Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr, Wessex: added Lymington New Forest Hospital, West Midlands Central: removed Solihull Hospital, West Midlands South: added Hospital of St Cross.

14.04.2021 – Added complete Foundation Programme and Academic Foundation Programme details on all Foundation School Page. Added all 2021-2023 Foundation Programme jobs list. Added page ‘Summary – 2021 UKFPO Review of Total Application Score and Algorithm’.

05.04.2021 – Added 2018 and 2019 foundation school rankings page.

03.04.2021 – Reworked visual design of homepage. Added 2020 foundation school rankings page.

21.03.2021 – Added popularity, lowest entry score, size, AFP vacancies/applications and AFP competition ratio graphs to all deanery pages.

20.02.2021 – Added line graphs for vacancies, applications and competition ratios for FP and AFP for East Anglia, EBH, LNR, Trent and North Central and East London.

13.01.2021 – Endorsed by the UKFPO on their website. Queen’s Hospital – Burton Upon Trent moved from West Midlands North to Trent. Arbroath Infirmary removed from Scotland – East. Queen Margaret Hospital added to Scotland – South East. Lymington New Forest Hospital removed from Wessex.

11.01.2021 – Removed large header on Home page and background image. Added “Clear All” button to filters.

08.01.2021 – Removed all instances of the term Foundation Programme Application System (FPAS) as this term has been replaced by Oriel.

06.01.2021 – Each Foundation School/Deanery now has its own separate page. Hospitals in the directory are now categorised by Foundation School rather than an uncategorised list. Updated website visual design. Fixed JavaScript issue that affected touch processing on mobile devices.

05.01.2021 – Updated Bassetlaw Hospital to be part of the correct foundation school (Yorkshire and Humber – South Yorkshire).

03.01.2021 – Updated map colour from silver to blue. Fixed bug where deanery selection would zoom into wrong area.

22.12.2020 – Added The Grange University Hospital to Wales. When map filter applied, map now zooms in on filtered area.

18.12.2020 – Added Hereford County Hospital to West Midlands South. Separated East Anglia and Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire markers for Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth Hospital so both appear on unfiltered map at the same time (following user suggestion).

17.12.2020 – Changed Colchester Hospital to East Anglia and Bedford Hospital to Essex Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

17.12.2020 – Site launched.

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