UKFP Map is not managed or endorsed by the official UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). For further information, please visit their website.

Data is from reliable sources such as Oriel, NHS hospital websites, Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports and General Medical Council (GMC) National Training Survey (NTS) data.

Psychiatry/mental health hospitals are being compiled into a new and separate map to not overwhelm the primary map as these locations outnumber acute hospitals despite accounting for a minority of Foundation Programme jobs.  

The UKFP Map/Foundation Programme Deaneries map allows UK medical graduates and international medical graduates (IMGs) to see all hospitals that Foundation Year doctors are placed at during F1 and F2. Hospitals are organised by Foundation Schools/Deaneries.

The Foundation Programme Application System (FPAS) has now been replaced by Oriel so the term FPAS is no longer used. 

The website is maintained to high standards but it is possible mistakes have been made. If you find a mistake please report it using the Contact Form.

Details of all site updates can be found on the Changelog.

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