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Hospital Map

Search all hospitals by Foundation School on an interactive map.

Hospital Ratings

Search ratings for all hospitals Foundation Doctors work in.

Job Ratings

Search job ratings for rotations within the Foundation Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions and feedback.

During medical school and Foundation Training, trainees can often feel like they have little control over their careers. These resources are designed to provide all trainees the information they need to make informed decisions about their careers.

All the information is from reliable sources such as Oriel, NHS hospital websites, Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports and General Medical Council (GMC) National Training Survey (NTS) data.

In theory, having more subjective information from current/recent foundation doctors would be useful to allow people to make informed decisions. However, for this information to be published publicly, it would need be verified as accurate and moderated. It is not within the capacity of UKFP Map to provide this type of resource. 

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